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Buffalo Envelope is a division of SupremeX Inc, one of North America’s largest envelope and packaging manufacturers.

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Buffalo Envelope, a division of SupremeX Inc. provides stock and custom manufactured envelopes and packaging products to US and Canadian customers in both the private and public sectors. We manufacture a wide range of products in an array of styles, shapes and colors, which allow us to offer our customers a high degree of flexibility and customization. We can satisfy the printing and manufacturing requirements of large national customers, such as financial institutions and national retailers as well as third party process and solution providers. Buffalo Envelope is equipped to produce the vast majority of the market requirements. Our inter-plant cooperation and manufacturing redundancies allows us to provide a full complement of products in different regions as well as unequaled security of supply. 

SupremeX’s growing footprint allows it to efficiently manufacture and distribute products tailored to the specifications of major corporations, national resellers, government entities, as well as paper merchants, statement processors and solution providers. We utilize the most extensive array of envelope folding and printing equipment in Canada, the North East and Midwest United States to deliver millions of envelopes daily, on time and on specification. 

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SupremeX aims to become the best-managed company in the North American fine paper conversion industry by focusing on the manufacture, sale and distribution of envelopes and mail packaging products in high potential markets.

SupremeX will continue to grow by leveraging the flexibility of our production capacity through our interrelated plant network in order to offer a complete variety of value added products on a timely basis.


Our vision is to be recognized as a dynamic employee-oriented organization creating revolutionary ways of providing exceptional service to support low-cost quality products.

  • Simplicity, which consists in doing only what is worthwhile.
  • Integrity, whereby compromise is not tolerated at Buffalo Envelope.
  • Respect in all our relationships with our colleagues, our customers, our suppliers, our unit holders and the communities in which we do business.
  • Open, two-way communication, with an open-door policy of accessibility and great transparency from management.
  • The search for excellence, which leads us to constantly seek ways to do more and better with less.
  • Sharing, which recognizes that it takes teamwork to succeed. This value is showcased by our profit-sharing programs.

From the mailroom to the mail box Buffalo Envelope has the products and solutions you need. Call us today for your perfect packaging solution!

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