Enviro-logiX™ Bubble Mailers

Enviro-logiX™ is the responsible environmental choice!

Enviro-logiX™ Bubble Mailers

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  • Our Enviro-LogiX™ Bubble Mailers are your best environmental choice in bubble mailers.
  • They are made with unbleached 100% recycled kraft paper vs the bleached 100% virgin fibre of traditional golden kraft bubble mailers.
  • We use 100% reclaimed polyethylene bubble liner 


  • Meets US and Canadian postal standards.
  • FSC® certified recycled, unbleached, natural kraft outer with 100% post consumer recycled content.
  • 100% reclaimed and EPI degradable polyethylene bubble liner.


  • The 100% EPI degradeable poly liner preserves the environment by reducing landfill usage.
  • The tamper-evident closure protects the content.
  • The heavy duty product reduces the risks of damages during transport.
  • The smooth interior allows easier product insertion and extraction which can increase productivity.

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