We take a leadership role in our industry by implementing several “green initiatives”.

Green Initiatives

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We eliminate unnecessary freight charges to our customers and by leveraging our national scale significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with the distribution of our products. Where possible, we challenge ourselves to determine the best possible solution for group deliveries on your orders to improve freight charges and reduce emissions.

Where longer haul deliveries are necessary, we make every effort to challenge its suppliers to continually improve their freight and route optimization to reduce emissions where logically possible.


As part of our environmental commitment and in support of an Envelope Manufacturers Association initiative, we offer our customers the option to print “PLEASE RECYCLE” on the back of their printed envelopes at no additional charge. This initiative is intended to help increase overall consumer awareness and drive up recovery rates .The intent of the program is to make more paper available to recycling mills and reduce the need for virgin fibre from our forests.


As a major objective, we target the ongoing reduction of its waste within its production cycle as well as the optimization of our recycling. A comprehensive waste analysis helped us recognize the benefits from recycling opportunities and allowed us to identify recyclable products that can be diverted from landfill sites. 

Through our waste management program, we were able to continuously evaluate our needs to ensure our material recovery program exceeds our previous benchmark. We conduct a comprehensive assessment of this program regularly in order to improve our recycling procedures and equipment.

We recycle 95% of our waste!


We have implemented a highly efficient lighting system in our principal production sites to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas. This new system uses state-of-the-art automation and occupancy sensing technology along with the latest in ballast and lamp technology. We have already benefited from a significant reduction in lighting energy use.

We commit to every reasonable effort to reduce our effects on the environment and strive to protect it.

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